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Involve your church in changing the world

God has given you and your church a unique role in taking his good news to the ends of the earth. But sometimes that can seem a very long way away and it would be nice to have some company during the trip.
We would love to help make your church as effective as possible in your mission efforts. In the near future we plan to provide a selection of suggestions on how we can share ideas and experiences together. While we're developing those ideas, here are some to consider now:




UK - How is the English Church really doing?

The church is not declining as much as it was. Come to a Christian Research roadshow to find out why, and how the results could apply to your church.


UK - Church Growth Seminar: (876k pdf)
Australian Barry McMurtrie, whose church in California has grown from 1000 to 7000 in the last decade, will share insights on Tuesday 24 October in Birmingham, UK.
God's MAP:
God's Mission Action Plan. A series of helps for leaders in teaching about mission.

Mission posters:
Encourage the people you lead to think about mission through a poster series.

Get the Word Out!:
Small group activity material. Resources for your small groups to use. This material will raise awareness of mission. It will enable people to have a clearer understanding of the needs of people groups who do not have the Bible in their heart language....


UK - First Gospel:
Change the future of one special people group by helping them receive their first ever book of the Bible.


UK - InFocus:
Your church can help a people group receive God’s message of love.

USA - Wycliffe USA
The local church is key to missions. Your church can be involved in translating the Word!

USA - Seed Company
Partnerships with a purpose. Partnerships are an integral part of The Seed Company vision. Linking individuals, groups and organizations to national Bible translation projects, The Seed Company creates partnerships with a purpose.



Strategic thinking - Church planting and Bible translation: Engaged in Church planting? How important is having God's word in the heart language?


Strategic thinking - Church growth and Bible translation:
What role/effect does scripture in local languages have in church  growth?


Based on the Bible?:
Is Bible translation ministry really built on what the Bible says?

"You do not test the resources of God until you attempt

the impossible."

F. B. Meyer

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