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"It has changed my life"

A man recently stopped a member of a translation project on a public street.  “I have never set foot in a church,” he confessed. Then he slowly pulled a copy of Luke from his briefcase. “But I have read every word in this book. Thank you! It has changed my life, and I am reading it to my family.” He paused to retrieve another copy from his case, adding, “I bought this copy for my father.” Then he lifted another and smiled, “I bought this copy for my brother. Thank you very much!”

One book making an impact.

Each language is unique and perfectly suited for the person who uses it, thinks in it, and identifies himself with it. Often people learn a national language for trade or other purposes, but for understanding deep and meaningful concepts they need the language they learned first - their heart language.

In over 3000 languages today, books of the Bible are blank. No way to find out God's message.

The Blank Book enables you to connect with Bibleless people groups around the world.

Will you help fill a Blank Book? Each book may have many donors and every gift helps! So even £10/$20/€15 can make a difference when added together with gifts from other donors.

Here are three current projects to choose from with their estimated total costs:

  Africa  South Asia  10/40 window

If you want to fill a Blank Book but are unsure about which Book to fill then give to 'Where most needed'. We will allocate the funds to a project.

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John 3:16 in 3000 languages

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