Together we can!

The Worldwide Church working together
There is a pressing need for all peoples to have access to the Word of God in a language that speaks to their hearts.

We have a vision that by the year 2025 a Bible translation project will be in progress for every people group that needs it.

This cannot be accomplished simply by people already involved working harder or doing more of what they are doing. It will require significant changes and different ways of working.

Present partnerships need strengthening, additional partnerships need to be formed and creative approaches developed.

Here are examples of the Worldwide Church working together to help fulfil Vision 2025. We hope you will find these inspiring and encouraging. We hope you will want make Vision 2025 a reality:

A donor helps accelerate many projects

"I understand that a little more money would make all the difference to a number of stalled or struggling projects. Please use this gift to help some of them over the hump.”The gift was divided between 47 such projects... more

Equipping those who wish to be involved

"Lord,"I said, "I was only an ordinary member of the Ubir community but you called me out of nothing and gave me and the translation committee wisdom and knowledge to translate your word. And now we are celebrating the greatest event in our history!" ... more

A story of a Bible translator working in his people group

During the many stages of drafting, checking and reviewing, he walked 6,000 miles in and out of the mountains. For a book of 1,000 pages, that’s six miles per page! For every three pages he spent one night out in the open, miles from anywhere. And for each page the people of his village spent six and a half days in prison, 18 man-years in all...more



"I started using Bible stories and songs in our language with our music. Now people understood! Many accepted Christ and were baptised. Before, there was only one church with very few baptised members. Five years later, there are 75 churches with 1,350 baptised members and 100 more people waiting for baptism!”...more


Trust God - see the impossible
Five people from different parts of the UK who were strangers to each other a few before, thrown together in an unfamiliar environment far from family and friends and living at close quarters in basic conditions – how is that working out? ... more

"All over the world, this gospel is bearing fruit and growing…"

Colossians 1:6

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