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Literacy for Life

Use the Bible for literacy! As people learn to read, then link the key words they learn to the use of those words in the Bible. They hear and read God's word - there's no telling what may happen!


"We have seen great success as churches use these simple Bible studies for literacy. They can be used for English speakers as they are or translated into a language where there is a New Testament. God's word is being used!
"They are also used for Sunday schools, by pastors when on outreach and they are also very popular for family devotions and school children.

"The English is deliberately kept simple.

"Also the memory verses are very important. The churches run memory verse competitions which are very popular."
Literacy for Life co-ordinator, Africa

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My favourite verse

Please let us know which Bible verse is your favourite at this time!

It's no good just translating God's word - it needs to be used! We ask for your help in a campaign to encourage people to engage with God's word. Part of this campaign is that people round the world share their 'favourite verse' of the Bible at this point in time along with the reason why that verse is special to them. We can then publish results from time to time for media use, etc.

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Get the Word Out!

Small group activity material.

Resources for your small groups to use. This material will raise awareness of mission. It will enable people to have a clearer understanding of the needs of people groups who do not have the Bible in their heart language....

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Video resources

"Missions is not the ultimate goal of the Church, worship is. Missions exist because worship does not. The goal of missions is the gladness of the peoples in the greatness of God." John Piper
View videos from around the world.

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Some partners in Vision 2025 have developed exhibitions and tours for you to visit if you are near their locations.
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Other resources from around the world

We hope that the links below will help provide you with ideas and materials for meetings, junior church, cross cultural evangelism and discipleship and other information and connections you need to be involved in spreading God's kingdom here on earthfull stop


Resources at Wycliffe UK


Resources at Wycliffe USA


Resources at Wycliffe Australia


Resources at Wycliffe Canada


Resources at Wycliffe Germany


Other Wycliffe sites

The Coalition on the Support of Indigenous Ministries is a fellowship of evangelical organizations with a common interest in the support and development of developing-world ministries.


A Wycliffe initiative

"We have a gourmet meal with all our Bible resources in English. We are stuffed. Others don't even have crumbs."
George Cowan, President Wycliffe Bible Translators International 1956-1981

"Our ears had heard about the power of God’s Word but now our eyes have seen tangible proof. This visible, tangible proof in our own lives. Because we have translated the gospel of Mark we have a clearer understanding of what we have always accepted by faith. We know in our souls a peace and a sense of wellbeing. Our prayer lives have changed a lot. I am personally able to pray in my mother tongue at last. Since I have begun doing so, I feel that my heart is communing with God. What I can’t say in French, I am now able to tell the Lord. Each of the team members will testify to this spiritual experience."
Pastor/translator, West Africa

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