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Join hands with nationals involved in Bible translation - help top up their support from their local churches..

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Churches in Africa, Asia and Latin America are ready to send their people to be involved in Bible translation for people groups within their country or in other countries. It is exciting to see the worldwide church responding to God's call to mission. Vision 2025 depends on the Church in Africa, Asia and Latin America mobilising thousands of workers to go to where God is calling them.

Jing from the Philippines shares, "I saw a vision of a large crowd of people. In that vision some were tall, others were short, some were white and others were black. They were wearing their tribal costumes, were raising their hands in worship to God. I was in the midst of them." This vision pursued her and ignited her calling to go to mission. In the next few months, she and her husband will be moving to another part of Asia where there are few believers in order to translate God's word.

Their churches, their friends and families are giving as much as they can but it is not sufficient for the workers needs. They are giving out of their poverty. Sometimes this is only 25% of their needs, sometimes it is up to 60%. This means that sometimes the gap in support is small - £60/$110/€90 per month, sometimes much larger - £500/$900/€750 per month. This depends on the context they are working in and their family circumstances.

Please give what you can. £10/$20/€15 can make a difference when added together with gifts from other sponsors.

Find out more about some of the workers involved in making Vision 2025 a reality, by click an area of the map above.

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"This service that you perform is not only supplying the needs of God's people but is also overflowing in many expressions of thanks to God."

2 Cor 9:12

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