Your church can help a people group receive God’s message of love


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God loves EVERY people, every tribe and every nation. But many of these groups still live far from God, cut off from the wonderful promises found in his word.


InFocus offers your church the opportunity to help one of these groups receive God’s message of love in their own language.


These groups vary in size and location, some have no church and among some it’s already growing, some follow major world religions while some hold firmly to traditional beliefs -- but all of them need to learn more about Jesus.


That process begins with what God has said in the Bible. God’s word is foundational to effective evangelism, church-planting and discipleship. So while InFocus programmes may include many things like medical care, literacy and development, they always include making scripture available in the local language.


InFocus will “introduce” your church to one group so that you can:

  • pray for the Lord to break through into their lives
  • build meaningful relationships with national workers ministering to this group
  • prayerfully consider the financial needs of the programme
  • praise God as scripture becomes available and has impact
  • celebrate as the kingdom expands as a result of your involvement

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"The more we give ourselves to this work the more we feel we have received from it, as well as given to it!"

                        UK church leader

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