God's Mission Action Plan
Teaching materials about mission

To help you teach about God's heart for mission, we have prepared a series of studies for you to use as you wish.

Their aim is:

To challenge all who share God's heart of love to consider how they fit into God's Mission Action Plan.

To motivate God's people today in the Servant role of concern for God's name among people where he is not yet known.

To encourage a personal response from today's disciples to Christ's commission, which includes all nations in its scope.

To challenge Christians today to see the NT church as a model for our involvement in God's Mission Action Plan.

Download the PDFs - we hope they are useful!

Session 1 - God's heart loves the nations (211k)

Session 2 - God's people guide the nations (265k)

Session 3 - God's son blesses the nations (215k)

Session 4 - God's church reaches the nations (215k)

The whole Bible is a missionary book, because the God of the Bible is a missionary God.
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