Get the Word Out!

Words for Life small group activity issue

In this special issue of Words for Life you will find resources for your small groups to use.

This material will raise awareness of mission. It will enable people to have a clearer understanding of the needs of people groups who do not have the Bible in their heart language and the initiative called Vision 2025—to start translation by 2025 for every language community that needs God’s word.

The material is set out to make it easy for your group leaders to follow, and we hope that you and the groups will enjoy these activities and find them meaningful.

It will probably take a couple of hours or more to run through all the activities. One idea leads to another, so you may be able to adapt some of these ideas and create your own variations.

Have a great time together! Let’s get the word out!

The whole Bible is a missionary book, because the God of the Bible is a missionary God.
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