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You are only a few clicks away from helping to fill a blank book to make Vision 2025 a reality..

To fill a book may take some time as the process involves drafting and an extensive series of checks and revisons to ensure accuracy, clarity and meanfulness in the heart language.

Averaged out over a New Testament, each verse may cost locally up to £25/$45/€36 depending on project context. However some projects will be less expensive.

Each book may have many donors and every gift helps!

So even £10/$20/€15 can make a difference when added together with gifts from other donors.

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Donations from outside UK

Even though we can take gifts through credit/debit cards from all over the world, unfortunately we are unable to give tax receipts for non UK taxpayers at this point. If this is important to you and you want to give to Vision 2025 we would ask that you please make a gift to your local Wycliffe organisation. Link to them.

For those of you in Germany, you may want to give to The Blank Book via Wycliff Germany. Link to them and put The Blank Book in the Verwendungszweck field.

For those of you in the USA and want a tax receipt, you may be interested to know about OneVerse. OneVerse is a program of our partner organisation The Seed Company and exists to enable you to connect with Bibleless people groups around the world. Through OneVerse, you have the power to help translate OneVerse in one language through a financial contribution.

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The Blank Book logo

Helping to end Bible poverty.

"This service that you perform is not only supplying the needs of God's people but is also overflowing in many expressions of thanks to God."

2 Cor 9:12

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