My favourite verse
At any point in time, we perhaps have a Bible verse that is especially meaningful.

Please let us know which Bible verse is your favourite at this time!

It's no good just translating God's word - it needs to be used! We ask for your help in a campaign to encourage people to engage with God's word. Part of this campaign is that people round the world share their 'favourite verse' of the Bible at this point in time along with the reason why that verse is special to them. We can then publish results from time to time for media use, etc.

There are many verses that God uses at different times to speak to us - verses of comfort, verses of hope, verses of encouragement, verses of instruction, verses of revelation, etc.

So 'Which is your favourite verse of the Bible, and why?'

It may be helpful to think that in certain countries for many years, some people only had a few pages of the Bible. If you could only have one page, what would it be? On that page, what would be the one verse?

Another way could be to think of those special times when a verse became very meaningful to you in the circumstances that they were in.

Please enter your favourite verse in the survey.

Thank you!


And he said to me, "Son of man, listen carefully and take to heart all the words I speak to you."

Ezekiel 3:10


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