One gift, many blessings!

 “I understand that a little more money would make all the difference to a number of stalled or struggling projects. Please use this gift to help some of them over the hump.”

The gift was divided between 47 such projects. Some of these projects are targeting several languages, so even more communities will benefit.

Some of the 47 praises:

  • (Mexico) Now we will be able to set up reading libraries, including Scripture, in five communities where reading classes have been held. This will foment reading skills and interest more people in reading the New Testament when it is printed.
  • (UK) Now we will be able to employ an exceptionally well-qualified Christian translator belonging to an Asian immigrant community to translate the Jesus film script and start on the Old Testament.
  • (Eastern Europe) Now we will be able to pay for the translation of training manuals and translation helps into Romanian and start training Roma (‘gypsy’) translators to work on several languages. 
  • (Senegal) Now an experienced Senegalese project manager has trained five project leaders to manage their finances better, thus empowering local people, facilitating projects and promoting partnership.
  • (Ghana) Now ten Ghanaian mother-tongue translators can have some basic training before starting translation in four languages, thus avoiding a waste of time and effort making and correcting mistakes.
  • (Niger) Now church leaders in Niger can be trained to use the translated Scriptures more effectively. Churches are beginning to get a vision; a momentum is building; this is a heritage we can leave behind after we as an organisation leave the country.
  • (Kenya) Now one of the first Kenyan trainee consultants will have a computer capable of handling current translation and linguistic software and of carrying a huge amount of data from the half dozen translation projects he will be assisting.
  • (Asia) Now the Dengi translators will have a reliable means of transport and a well-equipped office where they can work effectively, instead of having to travel to workshops and live away from home.
  • (SE Asia) Now translation in six languages should speed up and be less stressful. This gift will pay for more suitable training facilities in a safer and more convenient location.
  • (Papua New Guinea) Now the four Ubir Old Testament translators will finally be able to buy a computer that can print their draft translations for checking with local people, read CDs containing aids for translators, and burn CDs for safe storage or for posting to the consultant. This will reduce hassle and increase output. 

It is easy to think, “I can’t give much; what good will it do?”Jesus multiplied one boy’s lunch to feed thousands of people. God can multiply your resources so that you will always have enough and also be able to give generously to others. (2 Corinthians 9:6-11)

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"But store up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where moth and rust do not destroy, and where thieves do not break in and steal."

Matthew 6:20

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