Equipping the workers!

“Now we are celebrating the greatest event in our history!”

At the dedication of the Ubir New Testament in Papua New Guinea, people were praising God and so excited to buy their copy that I had tears dropping from my eyes!

"Lord,"I said, "I was only an ordinary member of the Ubir community but you called me out of nothing and gave me and the translation committee wisdom and knowledge to translate your word. And now we are celebrating the greatest event in our history!"

It was a great blessing from God. In three months every copy was sold, and now they read it in their daily devotions, Bible studies and church services. God is speaking to them in their own language!

Ten years earlier the leaders of my church had selected me to attend a Training Course for Bible translators. Then for eight years I worked with the Ubir translation committee to complete the New Testament.

After that, everyone expected me to enter the ministry. However, it was pointed out that if I became a consultant it would really encourage PNG trainee translators.

So after training I became the first PNG translation consultant. I have enjoyed working with expatriate as well as PNG teams, checking that their translations are accurate, clear and natural and approving them for publication.

I have also been teaching trainee translators taking the National Translators Courses. Last year I served as the first PNG Principal.

We had new staff, including two experienced PNG translators. It is wonderful to see them teaching their fellow countrymen! There were 34 participants, who all worked hard and were eager to learn.

It is wonderful to see God raising up our people to translate his word. We try to train them well and let the word challenge and change their lives. When they return home, others are changed through Bible translation. I praise God that he is using me to help other groups have his word in their language.

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"For we are God's workmanship, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do."

Ephesians 2:10

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