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550M people, 470M Christians. 1100+ languages - probably only 100 more translations needed..

Here are just some of the people God has called into the work involved in Bible translation from Brazil:

48 Brazilian missionaries are involved Bible translation in India, Guinea Bissau as well as 15 projects in Indian Villages in Brazil.

Some of the missionaries needing additional funds are:

   Jose and Raquel
    José and Raquel

was converted in a Church which was always in contact with missionaries. Right at the beginning, he was challenged to become involved in missions. He entered Bible School and studied to become a missionary to Papua New Guinea. But during the course he heard many challenges regarding the needs of indigenous work in Brazil.

Raquelaccepted Jesus as saviour when she was 12. She led the youth outreach. Later she received a clear indication from God that she was to work with indigenous people. She attended Bible School and met Jose.

They trained as Bible translators and worked in a people group in Brazil. They now train other Bible translators and facilitate the equipping of many missionaries from Brazil and other countries.

   Gino and Tate
       Gino and Tate

Ginowas converted at 17. He began to study theology with the thought of becoming a pastor. During his studies, he felt a strong desire to become involved with missionary work. He fell in love with Tatewho had begun to study at the same school. He was ordained as a pastor after completing his studies, but continued to feel strongly convicted regarding mission work. He decided to train as a Bible translator and felt the Lord’s leading to become a translator for an indigenous group in Brazil.

Tate was 15 when she read a bulletin about translation work in Brazil, and knew that this was the work to which she would like to give her life. From that time on, she began to prepare herself for this type of work. She married Gino and they trained together. They started a project among a group in Brazil and are still working there translating the word of God into this language.


met Jesus when she was 16. She studied Missiology and now has a BA in Theology and an MA in History. She felt a call to mission and started with social work with her local church. She is now involved in facilitating the training of many missionaries from Brazil and other countries.

   Edson and Alessandra
        Edson and Alessandra

They have been involved in missions through church planting, evangelism and discipling in Venezuela and Peru. However, Edson felt the call to work in an indigenous group translating the Bible. We have been working among a people group for a year.


In her teens, Lidiasensed the need for missionary work among indigenous people. She began studying and became aware of Bible translation. She wanted very much to translate the Scriptures for an indigenous group, especially in Africa. She began working among a people group in Brazil and the goal is to finish the translation of the NT this year. She is seeking the Lord to send her to Africa and supply what is needed for me to work there.

   Paulo and Lucienne

     Paulo and Luciene

During Paulo'slast year of seminary, while studying about the missionary challenges in the 10/40 window, he felt called by the Lord to translate the Bible for unreached peoples.

Paulo and Luciennehave been working with a people group in Brazil and have completed the adaptation of the NT from a dialect spoken in Columbia. They are now concentrating on distributing the NT in the Brazilian communities which had not yet been visited. We also plan to adapt into some OT books and summaries of books that have already been translated into the other dialect.

   Norval and Lau
         Norval and Lau

and Lauas young people both felt called to mission work. They met while Norval was serving as a missionary in northern Brazil. They were married and went to seminary together. They worked for four years with one people goup and then three years among another helping to complete the translation of the Bible. They are also involved in training in Guinea Bissau in Africa. They hope to begin a new project with another group in Brazil. In order to do this they need more financial support.

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Workers represented on these pages are just some of the people urgently needing sponsors to join hands with them so they can fully play their part in Vision 2025.

Your gifts go towards workers from the area of the world you select.These workers could working or preparing to go to anywhere in the world. However most will remain in their area.

Your gifts will be used to match gifts given locally by their churches, friends and families. They will treasure the thought that you care.

We will send you updates from time to time about the workers in this programme so that you can be inspired by what the church worldwide is achieving together.

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