A different way of doing mission where your church is central and plays a key role. You get to know and love the people being reached.


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1. Choice. God has commanded his Church to take the gospel to all peoples. Your church could help one of these people groups to receive his message of love. InFocus will listen to your interests and recommend the group that best matches your church.


2. Commitment. You can't reach a people group overnight and therefore most InFocus programmes last a number of years. For some churches their participation will be for a fixed period of time. For others, it may be until scripture has been translated and is being used by an established and growing local church.


3. Co-operation. Other churches and ministries may be focusing on your selected group, and you can be more effective if you co-operate with them. InFocus wants to introduce you so that you can all encourage one another.


4. Closeness. This approach will work best if you get to know your unreached group intimately, allowing them into your hearts and into the lifeblood of your church's daily prayers.


5. Change. InFocus has seen the Lord use churches to make big differences among people groups in Africa and Asia. But change never comes without some work. Your church may well find itself involved in some or all of the following:

  • Praying, praying, praying. This is always the first step.
  • Relating to at least one and sometimes several organisations working amongst this people group.
  • Helping meet the ministry costs of the programme.
  • Linking with a church in your focus country which shares a concern for reaching your people group.
  • Visiting the people group and those working amongst them to gather insights to report back to your church.
  • Providing short term practical assistance using the gifts and talents of your fellowship in response to the needs of your people group.


InFocus is a different way of doing mission. One where your church is central and plays a key role. One where YOU get to know and love the people being reached.


For a personal discussion of how InFocus could fit into your church's mission strategy, call us on 01494 682351 during office hours or email [email protected]

"We have a greater passion for the lost, both here and overseas, and more of our members have got involved in mission."

UK church leader describing the effect of InFocus on his church

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