Wolf - Jesus is the Good Shepherd

Scripture Passage: John 10:7-16

Jesus uses the illustration of the sheep and shepherd to explain the relationship between Himself and Christians. We are His flock, safely gathered in a walled courtyard. The porter at the door only admits the true Shepherd. In fact, He Himself is the Door by which the sheep enter the fold. It is said that sometimes a shepherd would lie across the door of the courtyard where the sheep are gathered. Anyone going to steal the sheep had to pass through the human "door" first. This means that the shepherd's very life is the guarantee of security. In Jesus' case, He actually gave up His life for the sheep. This has invariably created special relationships between Him and His sheep. Anyone who will become part of the fold must enter by faith in Jesus, the Saviour. Many strangers abound in our world today, ready to steal and plunder the sheep. Do you listen to their voices or are you totally committed to the true Shepherd?

1. How does a shepherd protect his sheep?
He protects them with his life, guarding them from thieves, wolves and other dangers.
2. How has Jesus, the true Shepherd, made us secure?
He gave up His life for us.
3. How can we receive this security?
We must become part of His fold.

Memory verse: John 10:11
I am the good shepherd. The good shepherd lays down his life for the sheep. (NLT)

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