Storing Up Food

Scripture Passage: Luke 12:16-21

It is wise to store up food for the dry season. The rich man wanted to keep all his harvest for himself. He would store it in bins instead of sharing it with those whose crops were poor. He did not even sell some of it so he could give money to God's work. Giving to the poor or to spread the gospel is storing up riches in Heaven (verse 33). There will not be any rats or insects to spoil what we store in Heaven. 

1. Why should we store food for ourselves?
Because we cannot farm in the dry season.
2. What did the rich man plan to do with his whole harvest?
He would build big shelters to store it.
3. How can we store up riches in Heaven?
We can give to help the poor and to spread the gospel.

Memory verse: Matthew 6:21
Wherever your treasure is, there your heart and thoughts will also be. (NLT)

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