Scripture Passage: Luke 11:11-12

God gives us good gifts.  He will not give us anything that would harm us. Sometimes when we pray and ask God for something, we don't get it. God say's "No" to our request. He always knows what would be best for us and we, in our ignorance, may ask for what would not be good for us to have. We can trust God, even when we don't get what we ask for.

1. What kind of gifts does God give us?
He gives us only things that it would be good for us to have.
2. Why doesn't He always give us what we ask for?
Sometimes the things we ask for would not really do us good.
3. What should our attitude be if God says "No"?
We should continue to trust and praise Him.

Memory verse: James 1:17
Whatever is good and perfect comes to us from God above, who created all heaven's lights. Unlike them, he never changes or casts shifting shadows. (NLT)


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