Scripture Passage: Acts 9:23-25

A rope is a very useful thing. This time it was used by the fellowship of the church in Damascus to save a preacher's life. The rope was tied around a large basket. Paul got into the basket and his friends carefully lowered it to the ground. Paul's life would have been lost but for his fellow Christians. We need each other's help; sometimes our lives depend on it. As Christians we are members of God's family, and we must care for one another.

1. What did the church folk in Damascus do with a rope?
They helped Paul escape from Damascus.
2. Without their help, what would have happened to Paul?
His life would have been lost.
3. Why do Christians help one another?
Because we are all members of God's family and should care for one another.

Memory verse: John 15:12
I command you to love each other in the same way that I love you. (NLT)

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