River with Crocodiles

Scripture Passage: Matthew 3:13-15

The Jordan River, which flows through Israel to the Dead Sea, has no crocodiles in it. It was a safe river to use for baptising people.  Anyone who has truly repented of his sins and received God's forgiveness should also be baptised. Even Jesus went through this rite, even though He never sinned. In Romans 6:5, Paul says that baptism signifies that we are united to Christ's death in our baptism and will be united with Him in His resurrection. As we rise from the water, we show to the world that our lives are joined to Christ.

1. Why was the Jordan River safe for baptisms?
Because it had no crocodiles.
2. Who is eligible for baptism?
Anyone who has truly repented of his sin and received God's forgiveness.
3. Why should a Christian be baptised?
To show to the world that his life has been joined to Christ.

Memory verse: Romans 6:5
Since we have been united with him in his death, we will also be raised as he was. (NLT)

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