Peter Denies Jesus

Scripture Passage: John 18:18-25

It was night and Peter was cold. He joined the officers who had arrested Jesus so he could get warm. Peter was in the territory of the enemy, warming himself at the enemy's fire. He became afraid that they might arrest him too, if they knew he was a follower of Jesus, so he denied his Lord. We need to avoid people and places where we are open to temptation. 

1. Why was Peter among his enemies?
He wanted to warm himself.
2. What was he afraid of?
He was afraid they would arrest him as they had done to Jesus.
3. Why should Christians avoid places, like drinking spots, where we know we could face temptation?
We should stay away from temptation.

Memory verse: James 1:14
Temptation comes from the lure of our own evil desires. (NLT)

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