Palm Sunday

Scripture Passage: John 12:12-16

This reading is the beginning of Jesus' last moments on earth. We see various reactions at Jesus' entry to Jerusalem. People had been looking forward to a Messiah who would deliver them from the rule of the Romans. However, Jesus is the Saviour from our sins and not a political leader. As Jesus rode into Jerusalem, His disciples praised God, but not everyone was happy. The Pharisees told Jesus to quiet the disciples. We should not be surprised at people's reactions if they do not know the Lord. The owner of the donkey also generously gave it, not knowing if it would ever return. 

1. What happened when the crowd heard Jesus coming to Jerusalem?
They took palm branches and went to meet Him, glorifying
His name.

2. Which people were not happy about what was going on?
The Pharisees.
3. What do we learn from the owner of the donkey?
He gave the donkey generously, so we should give generously.

Memory verse: John 12:13
They took palm branches and went down the road to meet him. They shouted, "Praise God! Bless the one who comes in the name of the Lord! Hail to the King of Israel!" (NLT)

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