Jesus Clears the Temple

Scripture Passage: Matthew 23:1-13

In Jesus' day, the Temple was meant for worship, but it had become a business centre. Traders sold animals for sacrifice to strangers at very high prices. These traders were in the Temple to make profit and not worship. Jesus was angry and drove the traders out. He then turned to the real needs of the people, especially the blind and the lame. We should be careful to be reverent in our churches and keep them for worship.

1. What did Jesus do in the Temple?
He drove out those who were buying and selling things.
2. What kinds of goods were being sold in the Temple?
They were selling doves.
3. What did Jesus quote to those in the Temple?
"It is written, "My house will be called a house of prayer".

Memory verse: Matthew 21:13
`My Temple will be called a place of prayer'. (NLT)

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