Scripture Passage: Acts 16:13-15

Lydia was a woman who used purple dye, obtained from seashells, to make beautiful cloth for sale. She believed in God and worshipped Him. When she heard the good news of Jesus, she accepted Him as her Saviour. She wanted to do whatever she could to help those who had brought her to Jesus. She gave them a place to live while they preached the gospel in the city of Philippi.

1. What did Lydia do for a living?
She sold purple cloth.
2. When she heard the gospel, how did she react?
She accepted Jesus as her Saviour.
3. What can we do to help people hear the gospel?
We can tell people about Jesus. We can also help those who preach the gospel.

Memory verse: Romans 12:13

When God's children are in need, be the one to help them out. And get into the habit of inviting guests home for dinner or, if they need lodging, for the night. (NLT)

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