Scripture Passage: Luke 18:24-27

In Bible times, cities had big walls around them to keep out enemies. At night, the main gate was closed and barred. The only entry to the city was a small door in the wall called "the eye of the needle". A camel could only get through it by being stripped of all its luggage and made to kneel down and hitch itself forwards. Our entry into the Kingdom of God is only on our knees before Him, with all our possessions laid aside. Rich people have many possessions and it is difficult and humbling to give them all to God.

1. How did the people keep safe in the city?
They had big walls around the city.
2. What was the little door in the wall called?
It was called "the eye of the needle".
3. How could a camel enter through the door?
Only by unloading all the luggage and getting down on its knees.

Memory verse: Luke 18:27
He replied, "What is impossible from a human perspective is possible with God." (NLT)


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