Scripture Passage: John 15:12-16

Jesus is talking to His disciples the night before He was crucified.  Jesus knew what was about to happen to Him. He is trying to make them understand why He is giving His life. He is telling them how much he loves them. A little earlier that same evening He had told them that He represents the Father, God and so God loves them too. (John 14:7) it is because of this great love for us that Jesus died. 

1. When did Jesus say this to His disciples?
It was the night before He died.
2. Why would Jesus let Himself be crucified?
It was because of His love for us.
3. Who did Jesus say He was the same as?

Memory verse: John 15:13
And here is how to measure it—the greatest love is shown when people lay down their lives for their friends. (NLT)

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