Scripture Passage: James 1:19-22

As a farmer plants good seeds in his field, God will plant His word in our hearts if we ask him to. Faith will grow from that seed. (Romans 10:17) We need to listen carefully to God's word and ask the Holy Spirit to help us understand it. We should learn by memory the verses that help us to be better Christians. 

1. What is the seed that God will plant in our heart?
It is His word.
2. What will that seed produce?
It will produce faith.
3. What is one thing we can do to help us be better Christians?
We can learn Bible verses.

Memory verse: James 1:21
So get rid of all the filth and evil in your lives, and humbly accept the message God has planted in your hearts, for it is strong enough to save your souls. (NLT)

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