Scripture: Matthew 15:25-28

The woman knew that, being a Gentile, she could not qualify for her request. So she asked for God's mercy. When the disciples requested that she should be sent away, she kept on calling on the Lord for help. She was willing to be compared to a hungry dog if only Jesus would set her daughter free from the demon. All she asked for was a little "crumb" of His power. She had faith that it would take only a little bit of His power to overcome the demon.  Jesus confirmed her faith: the demon left her daughter.

1. Why did the Canaanite woman need help?
Because she wanted her daughter to be delivered from a demon.
2. Why did the woman kneel down before Jesus?
To ask the Lord for His help.
3. How did Jesus show His power over demons?
Jesus responded to the woman's faith. Her daughter was healed from the very hour Jesus granted the woman's request. 

Memory verse: Matthew 28:18
Jesus came and told his disciples, "I have been given complete authority in heaven and on earth." (NLT)

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