Scripture Passage: Matthew 28:18-20

A fawn (baby deer) is very vulnerable. It does not know how to eat grass or find water to drink. Its mother needs to give it milk and teach it about its enemies. New Christians are like baby deer. They need to be fed the milk of the word of God until they learn to read it for themselves. They need to be taught how to avoid being caught by their enemy, the devil. They need someone to be close to them to help and teach them. Those who have been Christians a long time should be mature enough in their walk with the Lord to be teachers of the newborn Christian. 

1. What do new Christians need?
The spiritual milk of the word of God.
2. Who should be taking care of new Christians?
People who have been Christians for a long time should be mature in their walk with the Lord to teach new Christians.
3. What has Jesus been given?
All authority in Heaven and on earth.

Memory verse: 1 Peter 2:2
You must crave pure spiritual milk so that you can grow into the fullness of your salvation. (NLT)

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