Scripture Passage: John 21:8-14

The disciples had been fishing from their boat all night long. They were tired and hungry. When they came ashore, Jesus was there with a fire already going to cook the fish. Jesus served them bread and fish for their breakfast. Jesus proved again and again that He had truly risen from the dead. He still acted as a servant to them. He was still the same Jesus although He had a resurrected body. Jesus has not changed. He is still the same today.

1. What had the disciples been doing?
They had been fishing all night.
2. What did they find when they landed?
Jesus was there and had a fire started for them.
3. How did they know it was Jesus?
His attitude had not changed.  He was the same as He had always been.

Memory verse: Hebrews 13:8
Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever. (NLT)

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