Scripture: Genesis 1:11-12

God created many different plants for our food. Some of them produce seeds that we eat; some of them have stems or leaves we can use. Cassava and yams produce food for us under the ground. Our bodies need these roots for energy to keep us warm and for doing our work. Let us thank God for our food. He has created these plants and makes them grow for us.

1. What did God create on the third day of creation?
Plants and trees.
2. How did God create them and what did He think of His creation.
He created them by His word and He saw that it was good.
3. What can we learn about God from this?
He is the all-powerful Creator and what He does is good.

Memory verse: Psalm 104:14
You cause grass to grow for the cattle. You cause plants to grow for people to use. You allow them to produce food from the earth. (NLT)

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