Arm or Hand

Scripture Passage: Mark 1:40-42

No one would want to touch this man.  They might get his disease. But Jesus cared so much for this suffering person, He reached out and touched him. Jesus loves us so much, even when no one else cares. He has sympathy for us no matter what our problem is. We need to do what this man did. We need to take our troubles to Him in prayer. Because He loves us He will hear us and reach out to our need.

1. Why did no one want to touch this man?
They were afraid they would get his disease.
2. What did Jesus do for him?
He touched him and healed his disease.
3. What should we do when we are in trouble?
We should go to Jesus in prayer.

Memory verse: Matthew 14:14
A vast crowd was there as he stepped from the boat, and he had compassion on them and healed their sick. (NLT)

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