Invest your time and skills to bring life to others.

Help reduce the barriers to communicating the gospel

God has given you, and you alone, a unique combination of gifts, relationships and calling. The Great Commission will not be fulfilled unless every language group has its representatives in heaven.

In many countries, churches and people sent by churches through agencies are working hard in evangelism and church planting, but due to the language barrier their good work just doesn't touch some people. Now that you are aware of the language barrier, maybe there's a way you can make a difference to the people in your sphere of influence.

Think about your church or denomination: what mission work do they support or do themselves? Does it take account of minority peoples? Could they make Bible translation part of their mission strategy? Who will make them aware of the issues - could it be you?

Think about some of the books, videos, DVDs and websites that have inspired you and helped in your christian growth? What about the organisations that created them in the first place? Should these materials be made available in minority languages as well? Who will make them aware - could it be you?

Might God be calling you to train for service and a new direction in your life? Perhaps God is calling you to have a completely new sphere of influence, to actually get involved in Bible translation and related activities for a few weeks or a few years. This could be within your church mission initiatives or through a mission agency.

There are many organisations that are involved in Bible translation to a greater or lesser degree. For example, there are over 1600 projects are in progress around the world and Wycliffe Bible Translators are involved in about 80% of them.

So some organisations have it written throughout their DNA, for others it is a part of what they do.

Start talking with your church leaders to get their view on becoming involved in Bible translation and follow their advice. Try visiting some of the following sites for ideas on just a few of the teams you could join:

Wycliffe organisations in your country or region

Aviation and Technical Support

Baptist Bible Translators Institute

Bible Societies

Evangel Bible Translators

Institute for Bible Translation

International Missions Board - Southern Baptists

Lutheran Bible Translators

New Tribes Mission

Pioneer Bible Translators

SIM - Serving in Mission

"Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.."
Matthew 28:19

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